Who are we as individuals

Who are we as Individuals?

Loli & Pop Current River Canoe Trip

Loli & Pop Current River Canoe Trip

Who are we as individuals, good questions I am Loli aka Melba Joan, mom, wife, daughter, my Melba, sister, friend, employee, boss, cry at commercials type, strong,  HAG Bride (inside joke sorry), party planner, cook, maid (just kidding.. well maybe).

And you guessed I am POP aka Jay, Dad, Husband, Son, Retired Prison Guard, Old Retired Guy, Fisherman, Hunter, BBQ Guy, Fishing Director, Lover of Beer and Pizza, Only Child, Mechanic, all around Handy Man, Good Looking (the Hag added this), Friend, and Cook.

Loli & Pop a little more info.



I am in my mid-forties, child number six (fourth daughter) and the favorite child (haha couldn’t resist family) to Coonie & Louise who have now been married for over 63 years.


Loli's Sisters, Brothers and Parents

Loli’s Sisters, Brothers, and Parents


They raised 7 children, taught us so much about love, and life. Also that it is most important to make all the memories you can while you are still able to.



Loli & Pops Girls

The Girls

I had the privilege of helping raise four of the most beautiful, fun, intelligent, amazing, talented and full of love daughters that any mother could ask for. Kristin, Taylor, Stephanie, and Sarah ranging in age from 28 to 20.  Grandma LoLi to Marcus Anthony Costa, Maverick Ziegler Costa and to the future Graham Mitchell Reiman (he has arrived and as expected he is also perfect) (due any day now).

Then last but not least doggy mom to Lizzie our 3-year-old Kentucky Mountain Curr.

Elizabeth aka.. Miss Lizzie

Elizabeth aka.. Miss Lizzie


In my life, I worked various jobs, such as when I was 12 I cleaned a local hair salon, then onto McDonald’s, next to becoming Secretary, Office Manager, Restaurant Owner/Operator, to now the Secretary for a Local Church. Planning parties, dinners,  researching, and planning trips are some of my favorite things to do.


In my early fifties, I retired as a Correctional Officer was a member of the SORT, and TACT team.

Pop and His Girls

His Girls

I consider myself avid fisherman, and hunter and BBQ extraordinaire.  Along with Loli, I feel the same way about our Children and Grandchildren. The only child of Harry and the Late Mary Kay. The Step-Son to Lynda who gave me siblings a few years ago (so ha Melba I now have family also). (Pop is Still working on the rest of this part come back soon to find out more about him!)



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